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Alexander Comana is a Welsh-Italian multidisciplinary artist and sound designer known for his unique approach to world-building. His work seamlessly integrates electronic and organic elements, resulting in immersive scores that are both otherworldly and familiar.

Comana often performs his compositions live on stage, treating the music as an integral and dynamic component of the performance. He has created work for Sky Arts, National Theatre Wales, National Gallery of Singapore, and Frân Wen, among others. In addition to his work as a composer for film and theatre, Comana also creates original electronic music under the moniker Miedo Total

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"The star of the show is sound designer and composer Alex Comana, who performs a gorgeous soundscape live from the balcony"
Nicholas Davies, The Stage


“Written in the opening months of 2020, [Augury By Birds] is flush with relatable malcontent, fear, and rage, heard most tangibly on ‘Suffer‘ and ‘Foster‘, the former raging in Unizone’s trademark furious hybrid club and the latter drifting into abrasive choral realms, evoking Vessel’s recent forays into gritty, noise-ridden chamber music.”

Inverted Audio


“A metal-head turned electronic producer, Miedo Total’s music occupies a space dramatic enough to justify such haughty references. At once baroque, harsh, beautiful, tense and soothing. Never predictable, always captivating; dive into Miedo Total’s extraordinary world.”

Crack Magazine


“Large in scope and tactile in sound, Volt Room [...] has more in common with composition than songwriting, really; choral, classical and industrial influences bump up alongside metal – and while many of the instruments are programmed to sound organic, they’re arranged unnaturally, which has the effect of making you feel on edge throughout the duration of the EP but you can’t quite pinpoint why.”

Vice Magazine

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