Audiovisual Installation and Performance (Wales Millenium Centre 2018)


​Antioch Rig is a sound installation and performance revolving around two central themes: ritual and voice. The piece is created using a combination of found, recorded and processed sounds, the majority of which originate from the human voice and taking influence from the practice of 'Sacred Harp singing': a form of choral performance which is participatory in its nature. Recordings of choir performances are taken and spliced to create staccato, arpeggiated sequences or completely rearranged to create new pieces entirely. Domestic sounds, like the sound of a kettle whistling (tea ritual) or a rumble of a refrigerator, are warped and manipulated to create human sounding voices. The intertwining of hyperdomestic and spiritual sounds draws attention to the idea that we crave ritual and routine in our lives, whether that be from faith or our own personal daily ceremonies.

Music & Film by Alexander Comana, with thanks to London Sacred Harp. Filmed at Heath Street Baptist Church -