Multimedia Installation - Alexander Comana & Nic Meyer (Lover Studios 2019)


A fictional subculture cannot be co-opted by the cultural (capital) industry, meaning its defining characteristics can remain intact. But this creates the question; If a subculture has never been part of society and, therefore, has never had the opportunity to resist or deviate from the mainstream, does that make it more or less authentic? If its politics, values and aesthetic do not come from real-world experiences does that make them culturally valueless or are they a pure form of authenticity? In such a vacuum is this culture priceless or worthless? Attempting to explore but not necessarily answer this question, this night is a celebration of a subculture that will never exist outside this context.
An archival retrospective of a subculture that has never existed.
The exhibition will bring together material from various facets of the fictitious community; the exhibition presents photos of individuals, historical footage, mannequins in clothing and masks of the subcultural style, zines and other printed material published by the subculture, and posters/fliers/documents from fabricated occasions entirely created by the artists.