New audiovisual piece commissioned for the Threads x XOLO takeover on 12/09/20. The 1st half of the piece was recorded live at Santa Maria Della Consolazione church in Todi, Umbria and inspired the rest of the composition.


VOLT ROOM EP (Jerome Worldwide May 2019)​ 

"Large in scope and tactile in sound, Volt Room has more in common with composition than songwriting, really; choral, classical and industrial influences bump up alongside metal – and while many of the instruments are programmed to sound organic, they’re arranged unnaturally, which has the effect of making you feel on edge throughout the duration of the EP but you can’t quite pinpoint why.”

- Vice

”Never predictable, always captivating.”


- Crack Magazine

“In this excellent work, Miedo Total not only turns the otherwise over-heard deconstructed club sounds and structure into something unique, but does so by creating such a grandiose atmosphere, that really makes you wonder if you’re listening to club music or classical music.”


- Soul Feeder

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Crack Magazine Specialist Mix


Internet Public Radio Monthly Residency